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Insurance broker’s views on ‘new risks’ - Where NeoBanks stand on the road to profitability?...

1️⃣ Insurance broker’s views on ‘new risks’

The president of one of the world’s biggest insurance brokers has warned that the industry should be “very careful” about offloading big global risks such as cyber attacks and pandemics to the public sector, saying that the business might never come back to private firms.

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2️⃣ Where NeoBanks stand on the road to profitability?

Since the rise of neobanking, the industry has attracted a myriad of investors and endless new players, with a staggering 100 neobanks launching each year. In our (Simon Kucher) 2022 Future of Neobanking report, we delved into the industry’s current status, its performance in key markets, and the path to profitability for these disruptors. Back then, this nearly billion-client industry, valued at over 300 billion dollars, grappled with a critical issue: Less than 5% of these challengers had managed to break even.

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3️⃣ The state of the tech industry: is AI the next platform?

Benedict Evans releases an extensive review of the state of the tech industry every year. It’s not a surprise that this year's issue focuses on Artificial Intelligence ! There is a lot to learn from real initiatives in that space, concerns surrounding AI and what might happen next around that new platform.

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