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InsurTech weekly - Lessons learned !

your weekly selection of the three most engaging InsurTech articles shared this week

1️⃣ Lessons learned from InsurTech 1.0

A VC perspective (Equal Ventures) on the state of the InsurTech industry. Basically it analyses where InsurTech startups stand in the current frozen VC market, sharing lessons learned from that first wave of innovation in insurance.

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2️⃣ Apple’s moves towards Digital Identity

Alongside a growing banking and payments ecosystem, Apple has quietly built identity verification (IDV) capabilities that could disrupt a growing crop of startups within the IDV tech stack. Combined with unparalleled access to user data and a widespread consumer footprint, Apple appears to already have the capabilities to own identity verification and fraud for iOS users.

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3️⃣ The state of NeoBanks in FinTech Europe

Across Europe, the emergence of neobanks has been one of the landmark disruptions to financial services over the past eight years. But despite the hype, these financial disruptors have enjoyed only mixed success and those neobanks which are winning out now face the conundrum of profiting from their increasingly enlarged businesses.

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