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InsurTech weekly: Major tech trends in insurance innovation

1️⃣ The insurance ‘tech trend radar’ 2023

What technological developments will impact the insurance industry? MunichRE’s Tech Trend Radar 2023 guides you through the innovations that really matter. Experts from Munich Re and ERGO joined forces to collect and assess the most relevant insurance technology trends for 2023. The Tech Trend Radar 2023 helps you prepare your business by making the best use of emerging technology trends.

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2️⃣ The state of Quantum Computing in Europe

The aim of this post is to gain an understanding of the current state of the quantum computing field and the challenges that must be addressed to achieve maturity as an industry. Part 1: Technologies driving the market and growth signals (from investments to partnerships) ; Part 2: The software challenges to adopt the hardware ; Part 3: The latest innovation made by Big Tech on the subject.

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3️⃣ The user experience challenge in Financial Services

As today’s customers demand more from their banking experiences, banks are upping their game and delivering stronger customer experience. Customers’ needs are changing. They expect more from service providers in the form of fast, frictionless, and personalized journeys. Their banking practices have also altered, with many of them now using digital and looking for it from their banks. Customer experience (CX) is proving to be the strategic differentiator for banks, with experience leaders outperforming laggards.

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📊 KPI on EU InsurTech investments in May

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