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A comparison on how insurers are doing worldwide -When ClimateTech and FinTech collide -Microsoft as an example of how incumbents could...

1️⃣ A comparison on how insurers are doing worldwide

When it comes to value creation, as measured by total shareholder return (TSR), the global insurance industry has had a tough time since the onset of the pandemic. The industry’s 2022 one-year TSR of 8% exceeds that of most other industry sectors, demonstrating admirable resilience, but it nonetheless falls short of meeting investors’ cost of equity, continuing a trend of recent years. (…) The global insurance industry's market capitalization remained stagnant at about $2.2 trillion over this period.

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2️⃣ When ClimateTech and FinTech collide

With this in mind, climatetech and fintech will undoubtedly continue to be intertwined in the near future, and there exists significant opportunity in capital-light fintech solutions that can help tackle the operations of existing infrastructure to create efficiencies in payments, capital formation, asset management and insurance.

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3️⃣ Microsoft as an example of how incumbents could benefit from Generative AI

Crediting growing demand for large AI models across consumer and commercial products that are driving increased cloud consumption, Microsoft reported strong FY24 Q1 results last night. (…) Achieving double-digit growth is a sure sign of enterprise traction for Microsoft’s products, as is the planned announcement of over 100 new AI-powered products and services at its Ignite conference.

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