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InsurTech weekly - Profits or growth? Insurers are making a choice too.

The profit vs. growth dilemma in insurance - The state of Electric Vehicles in China - Apple’s future as a bank

1️⃣ The profit vs. growth dilemma in insurance

Forty-eight percent of participants reported they are prioritizing profitability, as opposed to 13 percent who stated growth metrics take precedence, according to a report titled “Insurance Operations in a Changing Industry, published today by Earnix, a global provider of intelligent SaaS solutions for insurers and banks.

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2️⃣ The state of Electric Vehicles in China

“You won’t believe what’s coming,” warned the title of a January 2023 video from the Inside China Auto YouTube channel. “Europe’s premium car makers aren’t ready for this,” warned another video from the same channel, uploaded in July. Produced by Shanghai-based automotive journalist Mark Rainford, a former communications executive for Mercedes-Benz, the channel is one of several by China-based Western commentators agog at what they are seeing—and driving.

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3️⃣ Apple’s future as a bank

Apple offers way more financial products than many realize—payments, savings, credit cards, open banking, BNPL, and even iPhone payment acceptance. Apple needs new revenue sources. As new iPhones become minor refinements rather than major jumps, sales from the core device revenue line are slowing, and services become more important.

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