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InsurTech weekly - Six industries highly relevant to embrace Embedded Insurance

Embedded Insurance: where adding insurance makes sense? -The data challenge in Financial Services- How tech could help corporates towards...

1️⃣ Embedded Insurance: where adding insurance makes sense?

Embedded insurance has gained popularity in recent years driven by consumer demand and technological advancements that enable seamless insurance transactions. It offers the seamless integration of insurance products and services into existing platforms, transactions, or experiences, providing customers with convenient and tailored coverage at the point of need.

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2️⃣ The data challenge in Financial Services

Ever since the initial proposals to mandate data openness, financial institutions have been loudly protesting. Their main fear is the potential competition from web giants, and they decry the imbalance caused by not having similar obligations imposed on these potential rivals. The British regulator has started a consultation to objectively assess these complaints.

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3️⃣ How tech could help corporates towards Net-Zero

Only 10% of companies reported comprehensively measuring all their emissions, revealing no improvement relative to our 2022 survey. More concerning, only 14% of companies indicated reducing emissions in line with their ambitions, down 3pp from those reporting the same in 2022. Companies indicated that their reduction efforts have been obstructed by several challenges, most notably difficult macroeconomic conditions and capital constraints.

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