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Are customers ready to share insurance data? - Fifteen trends to watch - What to expect next in Embedded FinTech?

1️⃣ Are customers ready to share insurance data?

Insurance clients are much more open to sharing data than the industry assumes. A third of clients are willing to share data for premium discounts, Sollers’ surveys indicate. The business and IT consultancy predicts that insurance companies will step up their efforts to become data driven.

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2️⃣ Fifteen trends to watch

After a tumultuous 2022 for technology investment and talent, the first half of 2023 has seen a resurgence of enthusiasm about technology’s potential to catalyze progress in business and society. Generative AI deserves much of the credit for ushering in this revival, but it stands as just one of many advances on the horizon that could drive sustainable, inclusive growth and solve complex global challenges.

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3️⃣ What to expect next in Embedded FinTech?

For as long as we’ve had banks, they’ve been fundamentally separate from business. Banks are singular institutions, operating in their own buildings — away from where we run our companies. Finance is available, but you need to actively seek out and engage with it.

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