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InsurTech weekly - The end of an era

your weekly selection of the three most engaging InsurTech articles shared this week.

1️⃣ Omni-channel distribution in insurance

While customer preferences are shifting towards digital-first with rapid digital adoption, there remains a need for the human touch in industries like insurance, where online journeys are seamlessly combined with personal, tailored support from human advisors. However, most insurers have struggled to deliver on omni-channel, despite large investments into related strategies, ecosystem partnerships, and technology.

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2️⃣ Are Autonomous cars safer than human drivers?

Waymo is using insurance data to make the case that its self-driving cars are safer than human drivers. The report, a result of the collaboration first announced last year between the Alphabet-owned company and the insurer Swiss Re, is intended to show how driverless vehicles crash less often and damage less property than human-driven vehicles.

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3️⃣ Is it the end of super-app in FinTech?

Forrester’s latest report, ‘The Super App Window Has Closed’, finds that super apps like WeChat exploited first-mover advantages in a unique market and delivered the right utility at the right time to a trusting audience in need, but those conditions are absent today. Firms should steer away from building a super app and instead invest in creating a robust mobile strategy.

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