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The omni-channel opportunity in insurance - An IP perspective on Generative AI - An insurance perspective on ClimateTech

1️⃣ The omni-channel opportunity in insurance

While customer preferences are shifting towards digital-first with rapid digital adoption, there remains a need for the human touch in industries like insurance, where online journeys are seamlessly combined with personal, tailored support from human advisors. However, most insurers have struggled to deliver on omni-channel, despite large investments into related strategies, ecosystem partnerships, and technology.

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2️⃣ An IP perspective on Generative AI

But just as for my ‘make me something like the top ten hits’ example, ChatGPT would not be reproducing the content itself, and indeed I could ask an intern to read the papers for me and give a summary (I often describe AI as giving you infinite interns). That might be breaking the self-declared terms of service, but summaries (as opposed to extracts) are not generally considered to be covered by copyright - indeed, no-one has ever suggested that my newsletter is breaking the copyright of the sites I link to.

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3️⃣ An insurance perspective on ClimateTech

Investments in ClimateTech start-ups by venture capital and private equity have boomed in the last few years, reaching almost USD100bn in 2022 worldwide; Europe accounts for around 30% of this. However, funding of sub-sectors is rather uneven: The sectors with the highest emissions (particularly manufacturing, the agrifood sector and the building sector) – and therefore the greatest potential to decarbonize – do not receive the most funding (which goes into the energy and transport sectors). It is not too late for European policymakers, investors and scientific institutions to speed up. But fast, targeted and impactful measures are required to create an environment for European ClimateTech to thrive and become global category leaders. The time to act is now.

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