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InsurTech weekly: What To Learn From Insurance In Asia

1️⃣ The state of AI adoption in insurance Asia

While most large insurers are on the path to AI-enabled personalization at scale, the industry remains at an early stage of transformational AI adoption. For most Asian insurance leaders, traditional organizational structures with multiple intermediaries and limited in-house tech and data resources make it difficult to visualize, let alone quantify, the potential benefits of investing more broadly in AI.

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2️⃣ 10 technologies to watch closely

The World Economic Forum’s 'Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2023' Report, in collaboration with Frontiers, brings together the perspectives of over 90 academics, industry leaders and futurists from 20 countries around the world, to discover the technologies most likely to impact people and the planet in the next three to five years.

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3️⃣ Generative AI in FinTech

The BCV fintech partnership shares our comprehensive perspective on how generative artificial intelligence is reshaping the financial services industry. In this comprehensive piece, we’ll share what we’ve learned about generative artificial intelligence in financial services these last several months. You can use the following hyperlinked directory to jump around.

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📢 My panel on what VC are excited about in InsurTech

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