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InsurTech Europe: October 2023

Clearly, October confirms the momentum we already felt after the back-to-school season.

Clearly, October confirms the momentum we already felt after the back-to-school season. With 9 deals announced, we surpass, for the first time this year, the symbolic threshold represented by the average monthly number of deals over the past two years (for your reference, it averaged 8 deals per month). And that is no small feat in the current market environment, which is still challenging.Moreover, unlike in some previous months, all these funding rounds are announced with new investors. Just to remind you, many bridge rounds have taken place since the beginning of the year, in which startups only raise funds from their existing investors. Therefore, it is always difficult to draw particular comparisons or lessons from them.One deal stands out this month: Orus, which announces a €11 million funding round, which is on the higher end of what has been seen so far this year, especially considering its maturity. Just as a reminder, this startup focuses on insurance for small and medium-sized enterprises (TPE/PME) through online distribution. On this occasion, they announce covering 5,000 clients.This deal is reminiscent of that of Insify, a Dutch startup that raised a similar round earlier in the year, and also SureIn, which announced a substantially smaller round more recently to continue its development in the German market.On a related note, in the TPE/PME sector, Kota (an Irish startup formerly known as Yonder) has just announced a €5 million funding round to accelerate the development of its employee benefits solution, including health insurance and provident offers.More broadly, it's very interesting to note the dynamics in the commercial lines segment of the market this year. To date, they represent 24% of all deals announced since the beginning of the year. This is more than Property & Casualty (P&C), which is traditionally the most active segment.It's worth noting that this dynamic in the TPE/PME sector is also driven by the deals announced in the cyber insurtech space, which, in my opinion, remains the hot topic this year, as we discussed last month.By the way, if you're interested in the topic of TPE/PME insurance, I invite you to listen (or re-listen) to last week's podcast. I went through an article by Oliver Wyman detailing 10 best practices for success in this market!Beyond these two mentioned deals, Orus and Kota, Laka completes the podium this month. With a €7 million round, the British startup aims to expand the development of its bicycle insurance offering. Distributed online or in collaboration with certain partners like Decathlon, as a lead generation, the startup does not share specific figures regarding its commercial development.Finally, it's worth noting that, once again, England is the most active ecosystem this month. In contrast, Germany does not see any funding rounds materialize in its ecosystem.

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