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InsurTech weekly: InsurTech comparables revealed

1️⃣ InsurTech comparables based on Lemonades’ Q1 2023 financials

While lacking InsurTech benchmark (most of listed companies are in the US and have a full-stack positioning), there are several KPI to learn from and try to tackle one of the major challenge freezing VC investments: what is the price of an InsurTech player. Based on Lemonades’ recent Q1 figures, I tried to highlight several comparables to have in mind.

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2️⃣ The state of AI investment

Even with notable generative AI mega-rounds and unicorn births buoying the sector, AI investment activity couldn’t escape the broader venture gloom. Three of the top 5 largest funding rounds this quarter went to generative AI companies — a signal that generative AI excitement is translating into real funding momentum. However, it may take longer for the growing genAI segment to make up for the decline in broader AI funding.

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3️⃣ How FinTech has evolved over 5 major waves

To know the future of fintech you must first know the past. We reflect on how changes in technology, regulation, customer expectations, and macroeconomics transformed financial services over the last few decades.

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💰 byMiles’ History, as it was recently acquired by Direct Line Group


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